How to create a positive impact

The word Impact means having an effect, influence on someone or something. All in all, the definition is  “The measure of an action’s benefit to society and the environment”. An impact can either be positive or negative. Do you want to learn how to create a positive impact on your everyday environment? Try these simple steps.


The act of giving can make other peoples life better and is something everyone can do. You can give in many different ways: by sending flowers to someone you love, giving your friend a lift with your car, helping a college student on a project or donating money. Giving makes us feel good. Helping others gives us a sense of connectedness, happiness, fulfillment and meaning. If you have a generous attitude there is also a good chance that people will meet you the same way. 


Smiling has plenty of positive effects. Research shows that smiling not only improves our own health, but also inspires happiness in others. So simply by smiling, you can lighten up someone’s day.

Teach someone

Teaching means sharing your expertise to someone in order to help them learn and improve. You don’t have to be a teacher to teach someone else. You can teach someone by starting a blog, Instagram account or a Youtube channel where you share a special talent of yours. You can also write a book, start a meetup group about your favorite topic or teach your friends. Teaching doesn’t have to require much effort, and yet, it could massively improve someone else’s life.