Interview with digital expert Frida Boisen

This interview is an exclusive sit-down with the journalist, author, lecturer, digital strategist and tv-show host Frida Boisen to talk about social media and its importance. Social media is a great tool and this interview will go even further into and explain how to utilize them

Why is social media so important?

Today, social media is more important than ever before. With the outbreak of Covid-19, our world has changed. There are needs to find new ways and make use of already existing ways to connect. Social media truly is the perfect platform to be inspired and connect with different people.

How do you stay on track and know when to post?

Try putting yourself in your follower’s shoes, take their behaviours and routines into consideration. Posting at 9 in the morning is often pretty useless as the majority of people are busy with business meetings and won’t be able to engage in your post. It’s all about “catching the morning bus”. Instead post at 6:30 AM or 7 AM, when the viral curves tend to peak upwards. Also, try posting when people need that extra bit of inspiration in the afternoon when energy levels plummet. That’s when you need to offer that extra bit of energy to your audience. Instead of having a midday snack, like an apple or a candy bar, your post might be what gives someone out there a boost of energy.

How do you use videos for your advantage in social media?

I really think everyone should use videos as a part of their social media presence. Most of the time it’s the matter of a generational issue. A lot of people from older generations aren’t as used to and comfortable in expressing themselves on video as younger people. To any beginners out there I’d really like to encourage the use of videos but in the format of “stories”. The demand for amazing image quality, editing and posting it as perfect as it can be isn’t as big regarding stories. It doesn’t matter if there are flaws, looking at the bigger picture it’s all about creating a closeness, intimacy and transparency. Start experimenting and have fun with it, and soon you will find the courage to take a few steps ahead.